ABBA-solutely Amazing

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What do you get when you cross a concert with a house party? Live Lounge Presents. This annual show features low lights, the opportunity for conversation, and the chance to dance. This year’s show is a tribute to the fabulous ABBA.


Why not?

"ABBA is the music we need to hear right now," says organizer Paul Scott, and he’s absolutely right. Especially since the fABBAulous tribute show will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester.  

Scott has assembled an all-star cast of Rochester’s top performers to put on the show including, in no particular order, Dianna Parks (lead vocals—Parks and Kleist Band), Kevin Kleist (guitar--Parks and Kleist Band), Michael Carlucci (bass and vocals—Fair Trade), Carl Stephenson (guitar—LP & The 45’s), Mary Lieser (lead vocals—Incognito), John Wheeler (synth—Six Mile Grove), Becca Stiles-Nogosek (vocals—Heart Like a Wheel, a Linda Ronstadt tribute), and Jay Peterson (LP & The 45’s).  


The fABBAulous show is the forth annual "Live Lounge Presents" performance. Past shows have been described as what might happen when you cross a concert and a house party. They feature low lights, the opportunity for conversation, and the chance to dance.  

Even though Stiles-Nogosek’s study of ABBA’s dance moves suggests they were most adept at "rhythmic clapping and well-timed shoulder shrugs" the show is billed as a "dance party," and Lieser is quick to assert that with both the tribute band and a DJ in the mix "there will plenty of opportunity for you to bust out your best disco and 80s-era moves."  

Faced with potential dance moves, Peterson takes refuge behind creating the music. "All I know is I can’t dance. That’s why I play drums," he says. The good news is that the show’s proximity to Halloween has turned it into a great occasion for attendees to don a costume, so shy dancers like Peterson can just choose a costume that keeps their moves anonymous.  

The fABBAulous musicians have labored tirelessly to learn every song from the ABBA Gold album. The show will include songs like "The Winner Takes it All" and "One of Us." Based on the band’s rehearsal regimen, the music will be superb. When asked how many hours of preparation the show’s taken, Parks quips, "It is best not to add it up…" and Stephenson adds "I’ve spent a crazy amount of time learning these songs. I’d hate to admit how much!"  

Wheeler, a Pink Floyd-lover who admits to being a "closet ABBA fan," says ABBA’s "Take a Chance on Me" has been one of his favorite songs for years. He likes to listen to it "real loud on a good sound system," and he’s enamored with how "pristine" the song is. There’s something in this music that everyone can appreciate.

While the music for fABBAulous will no doubt be impressive, the show is also focused on raising funds for the Boys & Girls Club. Many members of the band are excited that their music can go to support such a worthy cause. Carlucci puts it this way, "The importance of an organization like this cannot be stressed enough. Its core tenets give young people the tools to help map out a strong personal blueprint, making a difference in their lives."

Between the music and the cause, the only potential problem with this show is, as Scott points out, that the audience may be singing along so loudly that you can’t hear the fABBAulous band, so be a "Super Trouper" and check out the show.

What:  fABBAulous, the 4 th annual Live Lounge show


Where:Somerby Golf & Country Club, Byron, MN

When:Friday Oct. 27 th doors at 7 p.m. and music at 8 p.m.

Cost:$50 in advance/ $60 day of—tickets available at

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