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Area artists paint from the same palette

"We didn’t know what we would have as an end product, so from that point of view, it’s really a different sort of exhibition," saidRochester area artist Andrea Costopolous.

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The exhibition "One Inspiration–Four Artists, Many Interpretations" is different from most art shows.

The project features four Rochester area artists - Andrea Costopolous, Pat Dunn-Walker, Monika Gloviczki and Wendy Westlake.

To get an idea of how it came about, think of the old shampoo commercial in which a woman likes the product so much that she tells two people and they tell two people and so on.

But here, the geometric progression is in paintings.

Using a single abstract image, each artist painted it in her own style. They then took the four paintings and began sharing them. Each used another artist’s work as a jumping-off point for a new piece, and four more paintings were thus produced. Then those paintings were shared and four more were produced. And so on and so forth.


Costopolous said the four artists spent the past nine months working on the project. They weren’t trying to copy each other’s works, but instead use them as launching pads for something different. Each artist produced at least five paintings.

"We allowed ourselves to try new techniques and styles of painting," said Costopolous, who will oversee the 125 LIVE art gallery beginning next year. "We shared ideas with each other. Sometimes, there are some commonalities in the paintings, and sometimes almost no resemblance in some of the paintings."

The opening of the exhibit will be Jan. 7, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 125 Live, 125 Elton Hills Dr. NW, Rochester. It will run through March.

"This isn’t as much about painting the perfect painting," she said. "You might get a great painting or a perfect painting. This is more about about exploring our painting boundaries, in a context of painting that is somewhat unfamiliar to us."

The concept of "Many Interpretations" came from Westlake. The idea was to hang the paintings in Westlake’s "535 Gallery" near Cooke Park. But then the gallery was destroyed in a fire, putting the project on hold.

"We hadn’t started yet when the gallery burnt down, so she kind of licked her wounds for awhile," Costopoulous said. "So about six months later, she made the decision: Let’s do this."

Costopoulous said the project was unique in that the group of painters had "some ideas about how we wanted to start," but no idea what they would end up with.

"We didn’t know what we would have as an end product, so from that point of view, it’s really a different sort of exhibition," she said.


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