Do you have what it takes?

escape room 5k

Puzzle freaks and fitness geeks, get ready for the ultimate test. Wits&Grit is here to push you to the limit.

The limit of fun, that is!

UNRAVELED Escape Room has partnered with Townsquare Media to host the inaugural 5K team event. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Mission 21, a nonprofit that helps child victims of sex trafficking.

Wits&Grit is a combination of physical obstacles and mental challenges spread out over a 5K course. "We’re really aiming for the average person, not the elite athlete, and not the Albert Einstein," says Ryan Steiner, co-owner of UNRAVELED. "Nothing is too complex where people won’t be able to do it. Just challenging enough physically and mentally so people of a three to five group can complete (the puzzle or obstacle) in a five to seven minute range."

Physical obstacles may include things like army crawls, or getting up and over walls. Mental puzzles won’t be math equations to solve, says Steiner; they’ll be hands-on kinesthetic puzzles. Think a picture to make from giant tangrams, and Tetris pieces you need to turn into a cube.


The entire course should take each team less than two hours to complete. With teams starting every 10 minutes, about 50 different teams should be able to participate in the event.

Steiner and his wife Jackie (who also co-owns UNRAVELED), have spent countless hours coming up with ideas for their challenges. So you can expect a well-thought-out course meant to test you physically and mentally, and to give you and your team an experience unlike any other.

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