Eaux Claires Festival secret lineup: not so secret?

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The ever-magical and mysterious Eaux Claires Festival is ready for its annual weekend-long art-fueled music experience. But this year’s lineup – or lack thereof – makes it even more so. The man behind the festival, Bon Iver himself, Justin Vernon, said they decided not to release this weekend’s artist lineup because, "We’re less interested in telling you what it is than you making it what it becomes."

Poetics aside, that leaves plenty of room for the internet to try and figure it out anyways. Here are just a handful of acts that the wonderful worlds of Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit have deduced will be playing by the river so far.

The National

The @eauxclaireswi Instagram page published two audio recordings, with conversations about intimate stage setups. These "Please Listen" postings were in addition to a tweet from   Vernon saying the band’s plans for the fest are "insanely out of normal bounds" (from Jan. 25).

The Big Red Machine


Both Vernon and Aaron Dessner (of The National) will be at the festival. They have their own band together and played last year. 1 + 1 + 1 = a solid possibility?

Francis and the Lights

This eccentric Phil Collins-meets-Kanye West pop act is less than subtle about his presence this weekend. He pretty much confirmed it on Twitter ... more than once. Not only did Vernon’s Twitter handle @blobtower reply to the question of if Francis was going to play again with a simple "Yah" on Jan. 25, Francis himself posted "at Eaux Claires weekend I’m gonna play four sets and do a dance class both days" on April 25.

Sufjan Stevens

While not a explicit confirmation, Vernon posted on Twitter "that (sic) the plan" in response to a question if Sufjan would perform. Not only does he fit the bill for eccentric and artsy music, Sufjan also performed at the festival back in 2015.

Phil Cook

This folksy guitarist, banjoist, pianist and singer/songwriter was not only born and raised in Chippewa Falls, but his tour lineup physically lists Eaux Claires as one of the stops. Oops, or clever?


What: Eaux Claires Music Festival

When: Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7

Where: 3443 Crescent Ave., Eau Claire, WI

Cost: $109 and up. Limited tickets still available.

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