North Star Bar a beacon for music this weekend

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Want to hear the "music version of home-brewed root beer?" That’s what James Rechs, singer and guitarist for Jailhouse Payback, says you’ll get. All you have to do is hit the North Star stage on Saturday when Jailhouse Payback unlocks its cell for a show before two other local favorites, MM Jr. and Fall Risk, rock out. 

Mike Mulvaney, rhythm guitar and vocalist for MM Jr., calls the show a "smorgasbord of great music from three fun bands." The night starts on the Americana side, slips through patches of pop, and ends up in the punk neck of the woods. 

The North Star’s guiding light will show weary wanderers the way home to local music, so lock in your navigation system for this Saturday’s tunage trip.

Jailhouse Payback

Genre:Americana, rock ‘n’ roll. They sound a bit like Wilco and claim they are what would happen if "Zeus [shot] a bolt of alternative country."


Members:Jon Sailer (guitar/vocals), James Rechs (multiple instruments/vocals), Jessica Daley (violin/guitar/vocals), Mike Mangan (drums), Dan "The Dude" Ruggeberg (guitar/bass/vocals) 

Why are you excited to bring three local bands together for a show at the North Star?

James Rechs:"MM Jr. and Fall Risk are both truly excellent bands that are fairly well known and have a following in Rochester, so it’s exciting to join up with them. It will be our first time playing with either band, and that is always exciting for us."

How do you think shows like this help build the Rochester music scene?

James Rechs:"Good musicians make each other better by osmosis when we play shows together. Seeing other bands do their thing really inspires us to be our best. I think the sense that we can all help lift each other up creates a strong sense of community amongst our local musicians. I also think a show like this speaks to the growing depth to the Rochester music scene, that three bands can play back-to-back-to-back, all are local and … accomplished in their own right." 

Fall Risk

Genre:Energetic rock and punk. They call themselves "just some dudes that like to play our favorite songs you’ve probably never heard."

Members:Dustin Ware (guitar/vocals), Cam Chang (bass/vocals), Robert Sell (guitar/vocals), Matt Wettschreck (drums/vocals) 


How did this three-band show come about?

Dustin Ware:"The band as a whole loves the North Star. Bob and I frequent the joint to see other local bands. ... I worked with the North Star, and got a hold of Jailhouse Payback and our buddies MM Jr. whom we have shared the stage with and have had some pretty sick shows."

What are you excited about for this show?

Matthew Wettschreck:"It’s diverse and brings together local bands who each have good followings. Bringing all the people together for one show is a good way to get people who don’t normally go out to see pop punk bands or folk bands all in one place."

MM. Jr.

Genre:Pop punk and rock. The band "fuses energetic, punchy riffs and beats with catchy, fun, and memorable vocals."

Members:Michael Moscatelli (bass guitar), Mike Mulvaney (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jon Dobmeier

(lead guitar/backup vocals), Steve Ringhofer (percussion)


What’s special about the North Star Bar as a venue?

Michael Moscatelli:"This is a venue that has long been a part of Rochester, and that makes it more special to be able to showcase our music for those who have always enjoyed going there to hear live bands."

How do these three bands complement each other?

Jon Dobmeier:"Each of the three bands has a unique sound and style, and they work together to give people a good variety of musical variety."

What: Jailhouse Payback, Fall Risk, and MM Jr.

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25

Where: North Star Bar, 503 N Broadway, Rochester


Cost: Free

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