Poem: Mystery

A poem from a local poet.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay
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The time is nigh and night draws near.
The skies are dark and full of fear.

By now, the sunny summer is nearly over.
Sadly, humidity and heat are wilting the clover.

Thunderheads, rain storms are headed our way,
Where is the umbrella hiding today?

Last time, it was stuck under the rear backseat.
Today, looking through the car, finding nothing but heat.

Cannot locate the “Find My Umbrella” App.
Afraid of pummeling rain before it’s a wrap.


Lightning strikes in the distant sky.
Then loud thunder claps near by.

Where is the umbrella of protection?
Likely a mystery, avoiding detection.

Perhaps a metaphor for daily life.
Locating protection from incoming strife.

Hallelujah! The umbrella is found in the car door.
A miraculous save! No more worries, let it pour.

Lea B. Jennings is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who regularly participates with a local poetry group for inspiration. She and her husband are happily retired, living in Rochester.

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