Poem: 'A Rainy Day'

From contributor Bob Vogt

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

A rainy day in late summer.

The brisk wind blows a passing shiver.

Things to come, the days grow shorter,

Winter’s arrival is in short order.


The clouds of gray give a feeling

A world that has somewhat softened.

The starkness of the sunny skies

Have given way to a cool reprise.

The freshness of the air I breathe,

The scent of droplets on the leaves.

The grass below is renewed again,


But soon to sleep till spring begins.

The feelings of a day like this

Seem one of slight ironic bliss.

While ends will come this time of year,

New beginnings will soon appear.

The memory of late-summer showers,


The prospect of short daylight hours,

Bring to mind bittersweet thoughts

New friends made and old loves lost.

The story of days, the book of years

Mirror our lives, our loves, our fears.

The hours and minutes are in complicity

With this rainy day’s serendipity.

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