Poem: An Apology to the Children

A poem from local poet Debi Neville.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

I’m so sorry my dear children
You are living in a world
Where going to school includes
A curriculum of fear
I’m sorry you must watch
Over your shoulder for strangers
Who don’t belong in the halls
Or seem out of place in the school yard
I’m sorry for the teachers who
Lay down their lives
Next to their degrees and long hours
And meager paychecks to protect
I’m sorry children for your parents
Who kiss you goodbye in the morning
No longer confident
The school bus will return you safe
My deepest apologies
From the bottom of my heart
I tremble with anger and fear
Holding your hand in sorrow for your loss
My tears no comfort to either of us.

Debi Neville is a lifelong poet, playwright and freelance writer who lives in Rochester.

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