Poem: Life is like a Roundabout

By Lea B. Jennings

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

A traditional traffic intersection.
Easy to determine automotive direction.

Right of way, operators await a turn.
With patience, all drivers are able to learn.

Then Roundabouts took control.
Traffic flowing around a circle, on patrol.

Yielding to others, taking turns or speeding ahead.
Hesitancy or determination, no lights are turning red.

Slow down, patience may work.
Or speed up and be a jerk.


Some cannot abide the Roundabout.
Others easily understand the route.

The Roundabout is like a metaphor,
Life, a cycle of options to explore.

Foot to the accelerator pedal,
Moving forward, feel the metal.

Or slow down and hit the brake.
Always important decisions to make.

The goals are the same, arrive to the destination.
Enjoy the drive and time in circulation.

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