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Poem: Recumbent August

A poem by local teacher Sally Kohlmeyer.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay
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Now August is recumbent
Days are shortened
Expectance fills the air
A tinge
is seen about the leaves
bristle with excitement for a new school year
on leaves begin to hint just like
All the crayon colors in the box
in their brand new rows.
Firefly lanterns begin to fade.
Each day's forceful heat is waning.
August is recumbent
Flowers' zest and gusto wilts
each day giving way to the brown
which reminds us just how much
has happened in a few short months.
It is time to rest,
store energy for next time.
August is recumbent
and nestings are nigh.
Each day the ground is a bit thicker
and plush
with layers of nature skittering down
to the floor of the earth.
August is recumbent
A flurry of activity is imminent for nature.
Soon explosions of fiery colors will appear.
Radiantly glowing for all to enjoy.
It is Mother Earth's reminder to enjoy
before the neutral and quiet of winter.
Oh, summer how I will
miss thee!
How can you always go so fast?

Sally Kohlmeyer is an elementary school teacher and lives in the Rochester area.

The Post Bulletin publishes poetry by local and area writers every Tuesday. Send poems to life@postbulletin.com with the subject line "Poetry submission."

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