Poem: The Hats of Memories

A poem from Rochester author.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay
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Grandma Stella acquired beautiful hats.
She loved wearing them to Grandpa's jewelry shop.
Around the centurion Iowa home, there were no rats.
However, a tiny pet dog named Erik might hop.
No hats for Erik when Stella ordered from Sears and Roebuck.
Scouring the most recent catalog, finding the perfect look.
The fabric and colors would always honk like a duck.
Stella was accomplished at ordering couture from the book.
Grandma Stella maintained her lovely hat boxes.
The closets were full of many lacy delights.
Some of the hat inventory could be hidden like foxes.
However a few toppers remained visible, sporting new heights.
The source of memories may sometimes erode.
But lovely hats are envisioned, lining our cosmic abode.

Lea B. Jennings is a poet from Rochester.

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