Poem: The Haunted Wood

Poem by a local writer.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay
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The wind blows softly at first
Leaves quietly rustle
Could it be the harbinger
Of impending sinister trouble

The wood is gray and black
Sunset stole all color
At twilight changes come
One’s senses become duller

As the wind picks up
The limbs begin to creak
Like a ghost in the dark
That has no words to speak

Somewhere in the thicket
A sudden loud shriek
Is it just an owl
Or possibly a banshee

All the night through
Sounds and shadows bring dread
Some belong to the living
A few may belong to the undead


If you dare to walk at night
Your trail becomes more daunting
Somewhere in the deep, dark tangle
May lurk an ominous haunting

So, venture out at night
But be advised, beware
In a sunless, haunted wood
There’s plenty to give you a scare

Bob Vogt is a life-long Rochester resident. He is retired after a career in advertising.

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