Release your demons at summer kickoff concert

Otherwise, led by singer Adrian Patrick, center, plays May 28 at Wicked Moose in Rochester.

Otherwise will headline Z-Rock's Summer Kick-Off show, May 28 at the Wicked Moose Bar and Grill, in Rochester.

The Las Vegas hard alternative rock quintet — Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar/vocals), Corky Gainsford (drums/vocals), Vassilios Metropoulos (bass), and Andrew Pugh (guitar/vocals) — is performing songs off their second full length album, "Peace At All Costs."

Otherwise worked with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Staind, Stone Sour) on the album.

Adrian Patrick recently answered questions.

The title of your album, "Peace at all Costs," comes from a saying you remember your grandmother saying quite a bit. What was she referring to?


I don't think she really realized the double entendre of that statement. It's a veiled threat. Give us peace or we will take it from you. That's what we are searching for. We're trying to tame our own demons.

Speaking of demons, there's the song Demon Fighter on your new album. Are there demons you feel you have to fight?

For me, it's mostly anger and self-doubt. Those are my two biggest personal monsters I have to fight. With a song like "Demon Fighter," it's a call to arms. It's a rally. Defeat your own monsters.

When it comes to finding your own peace, how does music help you do that?

It's a very safe outlet. I leave everything onstage. I sing with every fiber in my being. It's very cathartic and I get the same feeling before every set. Music definitely … it beats punching a hole in the wall or bashing your head in the wall.

You mentioned the need to stay strong within yourself when the dark moments come, how do you do that?

It's really the fans. They sing back our words. We just played a huge show last night at Hampton Beach. To feel their love and support, to see them connect and support our message…

You've been on the road promoting this album for quite a few months now. Is there any memory onstage or on the road that stands out for you?


At one of our shows there was a blind girl right up front in the first row standing there with her walking stick and she was singing every word. That was pretty heavy. That's why we do this. She doesn't know what we look like. She knows what we sound like. It touches her at a level beyond the five senses.

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