Rochester native Sarah Wade competes on the second week of 'Survivor'

Sarah Wade, a Mayo High School graduate, took Tribe Tika's “win or lose spot” in the final leg of the immunity challenge.

Survivor 44
Tribe Tika, including Rochester native Sarah Wade, center, work on a slide puzzle in the immunity challenge of the "Survivor" 44 season premiere on March 1, 2023.
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FIJI — The castaways tested their family relationships and headed into “survival mode” on the second episode of “Survivor.”

After season 44 kicked off last week, tribes Ratu, Soka and Tika searched for their tribe's strategies on March 8, 2023. Sarah Wade, a Mayo High School graduate, is on Tribe Tika. She is competing alongside castaways Carolyn Wiger, Carson Garrett, Helen Li and Yamil ‘Yam Yam’ Arocho. Wiger is from Hugo, Minn.

While all three tribes discovered birdcages in the season premiere, only Tribe Ratu discovered the immunity idol hidden in plain sight. Tribes Tika and Soka made it their mission to unlock their birdcages — and start a journey of tension.

Digging in the ground. Searching through piles of wood. Climbing up trees. The castaways wanted their reward, and with her determination, Wiger pulled off the successful find for Tribe Tika. But not to the knowledge of the rest of the team. Wade became one of the people accused of having the reward.

While on less of “survival mode,” Frannie Marin, a St. Paul native, and Matt Blankinship of Tribe Soka were shown smiling and laughing for the first hints of a possible showmance. The showmance would be “Survivor’s” first showmance in seven seasons , according to TV Insider.


The game mode returned in the immunity challenge with Tribe Tika set on a second-place win. Wade took the tribe’s “win or lose spot” in the final leg of the challenge as she navigated a seesaw-like toy up a wooden snake. With encouragement from her teammates, Wade snaked her way to the top of the intricate system before losing her progress at the last minute. Tribe Tika ultimately lost the challenge.

As a Rochester native, Sarah Wade started her dream journey with bold and strategic moves on Tribe Tika.

Tribe Tika carried the earlier tension into their first discussions on tribal council. With a previous alliance discussed between Wade, Garrett and Li, Wade said the “three of us are good, which is why we have control.” The alliance moved to vote Wiger off.

But Garrett played the vote with a second alliance and joined Wiger and Arocho in their hopes of voting Li off. Wade said a tribe’s strength is being with people you trust.

Although Li took a team leader position throughout the reward search and immunity challenge, she became the third castaway off the show. Garrett’s move to vote Li off also protected Wade by not revealing she had lost a vote. And Wiger has an immunity idol saved for the tribe’s next council.

Wade will continue her dream on “Survivor” with a broken alliance.

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