Sangria to soothe your soul

Chester's white peach sangria

Sangria is, as I have found, a fruity, sweet, delectable treat. Made with red or white wine (red is more traditional) and quite an array of liquor or adjuncts, the sangria cocktail is quite popular. I have sipped them here and there when my wife has had one, but I recently dove in headfirst.

On a rooftop after a long weekend vacation, and even longer drive back to Rochester, I found a peach sangria in front of me. Maybe it was the open blue sky all around me, or how small the world below looked at seven stories, but it struck a nerve. In a good way. It took command of my wearied mind and body, and rejuvenated them both with a proper shot of summer.

La Vetta Peach Sangria

This is the drink that gave me my summer back. Made with blush wine, peach liqueur, Parrot Bay rum, and riesling, this opened my eyes to the possibilities sangria offers. Sweet but not cloying, the rush of peach – as though I bit into a fresh one – was tantalizing. It was served with an orange for decoration, but halfway through, I let it sink to the bottom to add a bitter orange peel edge to the drink. Perfection.



Tap House Stone Fruit Sangria


Tap House had me at "stone fruit." Their take on sangria is made with chilled Moscato wine, St. Germain, Cointreau, and peach cordial. Apparently I’m on a peach kick. I have to say, this is another sangria that wowed me. It goes down smooth and quick, and is the perfect drink on a hot summer day (even though we’ve had a cooler spell lately). As always, sitting upstairs and outside, with the summer sun beckoning, is the best way to enjoy this sangria.

Victoria’s Ristorante and Wine Bar Sangria (red and white)

Made with a mix of secret ingredients, both the red and white sangrias available at Victoria’s are worth sipping. Even before asking what was in the red, I could tell it was full of coconut (rum in this case). It’s strong enough to taste the wine on the back end, and has a nice pineapple edge. It’s a tropical bomb. The white is full of sweet liqueurs like Triple Sec and St. Germain, making it punchy and effervescent. Lemon leads the way, but lime shows up on the back end. And although I was told all of the ingredients sans ratios, I’ll leave it a surprise for your senses to figure out! 


Chester’s Kitchen and Bar White Peach Sangria



OK. I know this has peach in the name, but hear me out. This isn’t just another peach sangria. In addition to peach schnapps and peach slices, we get a mélange of fruit flavors. Mango rum, strawberries, lime, and even rosé all make this a standout fruit explosion. A fresh fruit aroma of mostly mango and a hint of lime is inviting. There is an undercurrent of booziness from the rum. The tropical treat will trick your brain into thinking the nearby Peace Fountain is actually a waterfall and you’re on some majestic vacation.



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