The Fixx is in at Riverside

The Fixx is in at Riverside
The Fixx performs Sunday night at Down by the Riverside in Rochester.

One thing leads to another for the Fixx . The venerable British band is best known for a handful of '80s hits, but it's what the Fixx is doing in 2012 that's gathering attention in some places.

The band last month released "Beautiful Friction," an album of new material featuring several topical songs. Among them is the first single, "Anyone Else," which has a powerful video depicting a conflict between the Occupy Movement and various hate groups.

"The Westboro Baptist Church saw the video and already tweeted how much they hate it," said Cy Curnin, Fixx lyricist and lead singer. "It's ironic, they're promoting the video even more."

Reviews of the new album have been generally favorable, although no one, least of all the band, is under the illusion any of the new songs will become hits like "One Thing Leads to Another" or "Saved by Zero" were for the Fixx in the '80s.

Still, it's quite an achievement for a band to have all its original members together for over a quarter-century and still be recording new songs.


Curnin spoke by phone in advance of the Fixx's Down by the Riverside concert Sunday in Mayo Park.

How important is it for the Fixx to release new music, instead of recycling the hits over and over again?

As a working band, it's very important. We love re-exploring our old catalog, but it's nice to keep the music growing, adding another ring to the tree. We realize with this new album out that a lot of the new music adds meaning to what we did back then.

What's the secret to keeping five guys working together for over 25 years?

We lucked out with friendship to start with. And we've learned to argue with each other creatively rather than destructively. We pick the path of least resistance when we work. But who cares, if that's what it takes for the and band the friendship to survive.

Have audiences changed in 25 years?

Shorter hair, more money. But I think they're happy to see each other. With all the technology today, it's like we're in cubbyholes. When you see a band on stage, it's a social event. It warms people's souls.

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