Top apps: Play games of wits with words

The top word games challenge the mind, and many encourage you to challenge your friends to a battle of wits.


Red Herring (Free)*— Red Herring is a combination word game and category game: Do you know which words belong in a category and which don't? (Mobilewalla Score: 99/100)

WordBrain (Free)*— WordBrain is a mashup of word-creation, word-finding and match games. Find all the appropriate words on each of 580 levels in order to clear them. (Score: 96/100)

Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game (Free)*— In Alphabear, cute bears are your reward for spelling words with letters in certain areas of the board. The bears also are power-ups. (Score: 95/100)


Capitals - Free Word Battle (Free)— Capitals is an interesting world-building game. Build your world, and defend your territory, with words. (Score: 94/100)

Four Letters (Free)*— In Four Letters, you are given just four letters, and you must quickly make a word before time runs out. Advance to another level with each success. (Score: 93/100)


Words With Friends Classic (Free)*— This crossword-based word puzzle is designed for you to play seamlessly with friends, family or random players worldwide. (Mobilewalla Score: 87/100)

4 Pics 1 Word (Free)*— In this game, players are shown four picture clues and have to use those clues to guess the words they represent. (Score: 83/100)

SCRABBLE (Free)*— If you like beating your friends or family at SCRABBLE in person, you can keep the competition going anytime with this turn-by-turn virtual version. (Score: 82/100)

Ruzzle Free (Free)*— In Ruzzle, you make words as fast as you can from a provided selection of letters, seeking the highest score in the fastest possible time. (Score: 80/100)

Wheel of Fortune ($2.99)*— This at-home or on-the-go version of the TV word-game classic allows you to play on your own or against friends and family. (Score: 79/100)


* Available on both platforms.

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