Poker flick goes 'All In'

While the only poker I've actually ever played was online or in a video game, I'm a true fan of the game, whether it means watching the World Series of Poker tournaments on TV or listening to O.A.R.'s "Crazy Game of Poker."

For one night only, local poker aficionados and novices alike are invited to learn the back-story of a game that has come to be a large part of mainstream culture. " All In: The Poker Movie," a new documentary by 4th Row Films featuring Matt Damon, Kenny Rogers, Phil Hellmuth Jr. and other die-hard poker players, is coming to Rochester for a one-time, big-screen showing next week.

The film tells the story of how poker began in the undergrounds of New York City and went on to become a nationally televised activity that's played by millions throughout homes and casinos around the globe.

"All In" will screen at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Rochester Galaxy 14 Cine, 4340 Maine Ave. S.E. Tickets are available online .

The film will be released April 24 on Video on Demand and will be available this summer on DVD.


All things English

From ale to entertainment, celebrate all things English in the name of a good cause.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m. April 26 at DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Rochester, enjoy an evening of theater, a five-course meal, an ale tasting and more at the Rochester Public Library Foundation's English Evening.

As part of the fun, local thespians Greg Miller, Nick Mezacapa and Jerry Casper will take to the stage performing 30 minutes of highlights from "The Compleat Works of Shakespeare's 'Greatest Hits,'" a highly energetic show that moves through the tragedies, comedies and histories of William Shakespeare.

For dinner, enjoy a true English meal, including pot roast and roasted potatoes, then wash it all down with an English ale tasting, as well as English toasts between each dinner course.

Other highlights of the evening include a silent auction and a bucket raffle featuring a range of items such as wine to themed book collections.

Guests are encouraged to show off their favorite Renaissance-era outfits, whether it be a full costume or just a mask.

Tickets are $50, available by visiting or calling the Rochester Public Library, (507) 328-2343, or online.


Proceeds benefit library programs, including early childhood education, homework help and expanding online offerings for library patrons.

Pairing pointers


As much as I enjoy poker, I also love a night of grilling out with great friends and great food.

As an accompaniment to the perfectly seared steak, consider opening a bottle of Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot or Shiraz.

Depending on the cut and level of doneness of the steak, the astringency and dryness of red wine are softened by the amount of fat in the steak. As a general rule of thumb, lean steaks, such as filet mignon, are best served with a light-bodied red wine with less tannin. A fattier steak, such as a ribeye, will pair nicely with a medium- or full-bodied vino.

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