Back to School

Summer break looked rosy

with endless play dates, picnics

and unlimited computer time.

I said adios to school,

reading, math, spelling, homework,


Mr. X, Mrs. C and a host of others.

Mother assured we would have

nothing but fun.

Play dates earned by math worksheets.

Bike rides and swimming came after

piano practice and reading comprehension.

Sweeping kitchen floor, tending the garden.

Family vacation,


a bunch of do’s and don’ts,

with a little fun at the beach,

spotting snakes in the bike trail,

annual well check, dental

appointments, shopping for school supplies.

I’m all set

to get back to school, giggle with friends,

design dresses under my desk after math,


play dodge ball, floor hockey, track and field at P.E.,

make up more new Avatar games at recess,

check out Harry Potter, Dork Diaries, Hour Glass.

School and friends, here I come.

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