Bow wow bob and weave

Teeter-totters, tunnels, jumps and weaves make up the obstacle course dogs master in Paws Abilities Dog Training’s advanced agility class.

Dogs and owners meet for an hour each week for six weeks in a space above the Rochester Feed & Country Store. Each owner has a different reason for getting their dog involved in agility training, but all agree that its fun.

For Amy Gigler, of Rochester, and her dog Chase, a West Highland terrier, the class keeps them physically active during the winter.

Heather Voight, of Kasson, hopes the class will help Gizmo, a miniature American Eskimo, develop more focus.

Jamie Kouba, of Byron, hopes the class helps Toby, a Havanese,in his role as a therapy dog.


The dogs seem to enjoy the classes ... or maybe it's the treats doled out for each task mastered.

Some of the other area businesses that offer dog training include:

• Leashes & Leads, Byron

• Good Dog Camp, Rochester

• K-9 Kennels, Rochester

• PetSmart, Rochester

• PETCO, Rochester

• Animal Friends, Rochester


• Canine Trainers LLC, Rochester

• College for Canines, Byron

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Time and time again, I find myself working on dog stories. I am not ashamed to say that dogs are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Although my husband and I love dogs, we do not own one. We have talked about getting a dog many times, but various circumstances have kept us from taking the plunge. I always figured it was the next logical step before having children. As it turns out, it's a step we managed to skip and we are expecting our first child in August. As we transition into our new roles as parents, I’m afraid Fido will have to wait just a little bit longer. Until then, I will relish photographing other people’s dogs and dog-sitting my sister-in-law’s awesome Great Dane, Kurt Vonnegut Junior Junior.

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