Business in the front, someone's home upstairs? Zumbro Falls property listed for $152,900 gives options

In years past, the first floor of the property has been used as a commercial space and the second floor a living area with a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment on the level.

The Zumbro Falls property at 410 Highway 60 #A is listed for $152,900 and has the potential to be either a commercial or residential building, or both.
Contributed / Edina Realty
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ZUMBRO FALLS — From serving drinks, motorcycles and even salsa, this Zumbro Falls property’s history hints at what may be in store for it according to its realtor.

“There are endless possibilities,” said Lyle Andreen, a realtor with Edina Realty.

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The 97-year-old building sitting at 410 Minnesota Highway 60 in Zumbro Falls is currently listed for sale at $152,900 with options for it to be either a commercial or residential building, or both with 3,114 square feet to work with.

The first floor of the building has traditionally been where businesses have resided in years past, with the second floor hosting a two-bedroom, full bath living area. Andreen said, however, the city of Zumbro Falls has given permission for the first floor to be a residential space, giving the option for the entire building to be someone’s home.

On the first floor, there are two half baths – a men’s and women’s bathroom each – while the kitchen, washer and dryer are on the second floor.


The first floor of the Zumbro Falls building at 410 Highway #A that's listed for $152,900. Traditionally, the first floor has been used as a commercial space, but can be used as a residential one as well.
Contributed / Edina Realty

Andreen said very little in renovations have been made to the building. He said all new windows have been added and the exterior has been redone, but the interior of the building has remained largely unchanged.

There is a basement but it’s unfinished and is not considered a livable area at this time. Street parking is also the only available parking for the building.

Flooding could also be an issue with the property as well, according to Andreen. Back in 2010, when Lake Shady Dam broke in Oronoco, water from the Zumbro River came through and caused flooding.

The living room on the second floor of the Zumbro Falls property at 410 Highway 60 #A that's listed for $152,900.
Contributed / Edina Realty

“I think that’s the issue people are having is they have to do flood insurance if they’re going to do a mortgage,” he said.

With that said, Andreen still believes in what the property can become.

“I think there are endless possibilities for somebody, an entrepreneur, to go in there and actually be able to live upstairs while you rent out the floor,” Andreen said. “Endless possibilities for what could be sold out of there, maybe even a barbershop. Whatever they want to do.”

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