Digital Mike: Blog shines light on life even as man's life ends

We roll fast through life and sometimes don't savor its flavor. But there are bloggers who help capture that spirit. One recently captured so much about life and dying. Read on.

Living life while dying

In a season of giving thanks, it's also important to read about those who've lost loved ones. Many times, their courage and strength make life seem bright and multi-colored. At other times, their writings are painful and bring tears. This was where I found myself reading the beautiful life celebration of Aaron Purmort. His wife, Nora, wrote this beautiful blog that noted how they fought the tumor, but also savored all the good things in life, which when you look at it, are among the things that don't cost much, but are so enriching: family, friends, laughter and the beauty we see when we look around. Read "My Husband's Tumor." It's rich, it's sad, it's life. Aaron died on Nov. 25, but his obituary sings of life. It reminds much of another favorite blog about life that is produced here by Jen and Dan O'Hara. It's the "Rochester MN O'Hara Family Blog." It started when their daughter Shannon was fighting a brain tumor and they've continued it. It reminds you that life goes on and it's still a favorite read about some favorite people. Give them both a look. /

Minnesota accent


The Minnesota Twins recently unveiled a new home uniform that is certainly a marketing ploy, but also a touch of fun. The touch is the accents of Kasota Gold, a color used on the new unis and the cap as a tip of the hat to the Kasota Stone that is found in the North Star State and also is the material found on Target Field. This is a nifty infographic that highlights the uniform. Nothing spectacular, but shows you the thought that goes into new uniforms. And you'll get a smattering of the past home uniforms during the Twins' era.

Musical year

I'm getting antsy about my 2014 lists to start showing up. Maybe it's because winter has arrived earlier than I prefer. Anyway, here's one of my go-to lists: Rollingstone magazine's 50 best albums of 2014. Call it a buffet of wonderful sounds to enjoy and remember. I don't get too caught up in what some person or group or voters choose as the best or even No. 42 -- Perfume Genius' "Too Bright" -- but don't worry, I won't spill the beans on who was No. 1. Dig in and digest.

Good vino

I'm mostly a beer guy, but I do enjoy a good glass of wine while I'm cooking or dining with folks who know their wine or are interested in exploring the grape. So here's a good list for either group. It's Open Table's list of the best wine list restaurants in 2014 as voted by their readers. It's intriguing and fun to find a spot close to home that I might encounter. Give it a look before you venture out. It might enhance your dinner.


Beer glossary

And speaking of adult beverages, here's a glossary to get you prepped for Saturday's Rochester On Tap. Going? It's a fun event and a fundraiser. So to help out, try Craft Beer's glossary. I'm not an Einstein about beer, but I do know what I enjoy and it's fun to learn more. This will help you understand "sour" or "turbidity." Cheers!

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