Don't forget that all is well

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday, amidst much joy, laughter and festivity, he also looked down upon Jerusalem with compassion and tears for the people of Israel; He could see the entire picture.

He knew what would be happening in their future. They couldn’t see what was coming; they saw only the possibility of release from Roman rule.

We too only see the part that we are in, in the immediate.

We all know that, with God, all is well. We believe that eventually everything will work out — right?

But does it always?


There's a story I used to read to my children when they were small. The story is about the Prestons — a girl named Jenny and her mom Ruth. They were poor; Ruth was working hard, but there just wasn’t enough money to go around.

Jenny decided to sell "stuff" to the neighbors. She found some odds and ends around the house, an old coffee can, an empty egg carton, a broken back scratcher — stuff that no one wanted at the last garage sale — and some Christmas decorations.

As she went door to door in the neighborhood, she was met with mostly negative results. A number of the neighbors pawed through the Christmas decorations, but bought little.

Finally, she met Mr. Patrick as he came home from work and she asked him if he would buy something.

By this time Jenny was very discouraged; she was even willing to sell her wagon.

Mr. Patrick carefully looked over each item and finally decided to purchase the entire box of Christmas decorations. He paid her $10.

Jenny was was so excited, she ran all the way home. In the meantime, her mom just got more depressed and didn’t know what to do — yet her daughter came home excited with the money. Jenny asked her mom to tell her the story of why everything would turn out all right, as she had many times before. 

But her mom, by this time, had forgotten the story herself. She couldn’t tell Jenny why all would be well.


Often, when we are in the midst of the "hard times," we forget why all is well.

All is well because unto us a child is born, and unto us a Son is given. Because God is in charge — all is well. God knows the ending, He knows why all is well. And we can know, not because we can see the ending, but because we know that God wrote himself into history. He continues to walk with us in the midst of the story and He’ll stay with us until that story is completed His way, in His time, for His glory.

Jesus didn’t turn back and try to explain to the people — he kept on going forward. We too need to trust in His plan, His direction and the adventure that is before us.

We can know that all is well.

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