Dr. Srdan Babovic

Dr. Srdan Babovic
Dr. Srdan Babovic is pictured Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at Olmsted Medical Center Hospital.

Olmsted Medical Center plastic surgeon Dr. Srdan Babovic, 54, says that after living in the community for 20 years, he now considers Rochester home.

His wife, Dusica, is a medical geneticist. He has three children, a daughter, Jovana, and sons, Nikola and Mihajlo.

What drew you to Olmsted Medical Center

OMC wanted to enhance surgical breast cancer treatment with immediate breast reconstruction.

Why does your job matter?


Plastic and reconstructive surgery can offer solutions for congenital defects and post-cancer resection deformities, or correct gravitational and aging changes, and in such a way that helps patients to live a happier life.

How did plastic surgery first become of interest to you?

Toward the end of my medical school studies in Sarajevo, microsurgery was just in its early stages, but I was involved in one of the first hand replantations in the region. It was like giving life back to that body part.

What gift do you wish you could give those you work alongside?

My team is key to my practice. I feel they see how important every player is, and give our patients safe and compassionate care. We feel great personal satisfaction in achieving that.

If you could solve a medical mystery, what would it be?

Fountain of youth. Understanding the aging process better would help us live longer and happier lives.

Who are typical patients you serve?


A real joy of practicing plastic surgery is in the fact that no "typical" patient exists.

What challenges do your patients face?

In one way or another, they want to have happier and better lives.

What spot in Rochester or the region should patients visit when able?

Great walk around water reservoir.

Tell us about a turning point in your life:

Starting over a life and career after immigrating to the USA in 1992.

What can patients do to aid healing?


We teach all our patients about deep vein thrombosis prevention, smoking cessation, and limiting their postoperative activities.

Finish this sentence: Anesthesia can lead to interesting stories about…

... ego and alter ego.

Tell us how recovery has changed your view of possibilities:

Persistence pays off on the road to achieving good results.

What is your first song choice today?

Il Divo — Adagio

Name an on-the-job lesson you learned about quality patient care:


Simple rule I apply all the time — treat patients with respect and compassion in a way you would like to be treated.

Please tell us three things about yourself that most people don't know:

 I regularly go to third world countries with Smile Network International; I enjoy the symphony; and I would really like to learn how to fish.

What else would you like to mention?

What is heard in our office stays in our office.

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