Entries 'Chopped' up Zzest challenge

I’m a fan of TV's Food Network. On the show "Chopped," chefs are challenged to create dishes in a limited amount of time with seemingly conflicting ingredients. Zzest Culinary Market and Caferecently decided to join in the fun and issue their own "Chopped" challenge.

The ingredients in Zzest’s "Chopped" baskets — about 10 were available — included French dried white coco beans, Busha Browne’s spicy hot pepper sherry, and sardines with lemon.

"It’s been a lot of fun to see the entries coming in," says Zzest owner LeeAnn Zubay. "And after seeing the caliber of some of these dishes, it’s a possibility we may even feature some of them on the menu, too."

The winning recipe — which will earn the creative cook a $100 gift certificate to Zzest — will be announced on May 3. Follow Zzest on Facebook or Twitter to see the winning recipe, and for your chance to enter the next "Chopped" challenge.

More Zzesty changes


You might also notice a familiar face at Zzest: Chef Justin Schoville, the former executive chef at Sontes. Zzest is featuring him as their in-house personal chef; just call Zzest, and Schoville will cook in your home for a special occasion.

"Justin rounds out our team of chefs, making it the definite ‘A-squad,’" says Zubay. The team of chefs, led by executive chef John Flicek, also includes Eric Pater. "Along with our other chefs, they’re all just amazing," says Zubay.

To sample the latest creations by the chefs at Zzest, reserve your spot for Thursday's Spring is in the Air six-course meal. Two seatings are available, at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Cost is $65; make your reservation on Facebook or call 424-0080.

Come get your homemade ice cream bars

Rochester burger classic Snappy Stopis featuring homemade ice cream bars for the next month.

" Kathy McKeonmakes the ice cream bars in Mazeppa for us, and she sells them to us and one other vendor in Rochester," says Bucky Beeman, owner of Snappy Stop. "They have chocolate cake mix on the top and bottom, and delicious homemade vanilla ice cream in between. If you let it melt over about five to 10 minutes, it tastes even better."

Spring weather has to show up if we all start eating ice cream bars, I figure. Search for "Snappy Stop" on Twitter and you’ll find a link to a couple coupons: One for 75 cents off an ice cream bar or $1.50 off a Snappy Meal Deal. The coupons expire May 20.

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