Evil has its day, but evil is never completely unrestrained

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The Motherland Monument stands 203 feet tall and weighs over 560 tons. It’s part of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine and is meant to memorialize the heroes of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) after World War II.

For decades it has been an object of contention. Some Ukrainians have wanted the statue removed because it glorifies the Soviet Union and its Russian origins. They no longer wish to be identified with Russia; they desire to be a part of Western Europe.

Today, this monument looks like an early invader or saboteur standing ready to welcome the Russian invaders. What was built to memorialize a horrible war now points to a prophetic reversal: victory for a Russian invader.

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Motherland Monument.
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Please pray for the people of Ukraine and pray for the protection of other bordering nations. Ukraine’s defense is hopeless against the powerful military they face.

I have often asked myself how one leader can lead an entire nation to fulfill his evil intentions? How could an Adolf Hitler lead a modern nation to kill 12 million people in concentration camps and invade dozens of countries, resulting in at least 60 million deaths?


These are days when modern people no longer believe in evil nor do they believe there is a God who is in control and who will ultimately bring justice. We have passed the 20th anniversary of the 911 wake-up call where people saw evil in the modern world. The harsh unveiling of such evil has long faded away ... until this week. Suddenly, the world seems back on the brink of a World War. And who knows what China plans to do next?

Evil has its day, but evil is never completely unrestrained. God keeps evil men on a short leash; in this world or the next, they will ultimately be held accountable. He will bring justice to the strongman whose dark heart leads to death and mayhem.

But even in the darkest moments, God promises to be with His people. He never leaves us or forsakes us. Even when He allows an Assyria (740 BC) or a Putin (2022) to reveal evil, God appeals to us to return to Him. He is our strong tower and our Mighty Fortress.

Putin represents the old repressive Russia that brought atheism, decimation, and death to millions of people. His arrogance and authoritarianism are a perfect result of Jesus’ words, “A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” Thank God, Jesus is the antithesis, “I have come so that you may have life and have it in abundance.”

We must tether ourselves to the Sovereign God of the Bible and hold on to Him. No matter what it looks like today, the future always proves He is in control. Trust Him and pray for the people of Ukraine. Perhaps, God will save hundreds of thousands of people who are now calling out to Him.

Praying for peace and justice,

Pastor Leo

Leo Endel is pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Rochester. He is also the executive director of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention. "From the Pulpit" runs on the Saturday faith pages and features reflections from area religious leaders. To contribute, contact Life Editor Meredith Williams at 507-281-7488 or .

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