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Olmsted Medical Center Rochester NW Clinic RN, CNP Michael Kycek.

Michael Kycek is a family nurse practitioner serving patients in Olmsted Medical Center's Urgent Care and at the OMC Northwest Clinic in Rochester.

Kycek, of Rochester, has been married to his spouse, Laura, "who I have known since elementary school," for three years.

"We have a son, Andrew, who is 11 months old," Kycek said. "They are both incredible people. I am truly blessed."

What did it take to get this job? Seven years of education — a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing from Winona State University.

Why does your job matter? Nurse practitioners fill an evolving need in providing access to care for patients of every demographic.


Why become a nurse practitioner? Advanced practice nurses have a distinct ability to provide quality care and be an important member of the health care team. I wanted to be a part of that.

What gift do you wish you could give those you work with? The knowledge that life’s circumstances can be changed for the better with a little sweat, drive and determination.

If you could solve a medical mystery, what would it be and why? I would find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. No one should need to experience the loss of another’s mind.

What are the typical patient concerns you serve? Acute needs in patients, from the beginning to end of life.

What challenges do you face? Knowing that every decision I make affects costs to our system and constantly trying to make the best use of each dollar.

What spot in the region should patients visit when able? The Root River Bike Trail.

Tell us about a turning point in your life, professionally or personally: Witnessing the amazing care provided by the late Dr. Doug Johnson, of Mayo Clinic. He was an example of a physician who could establish great rapport with his patients and was a profound clinician, two goals many of us strive to achieve.

What makes your job rock? The professional team I work with each shift to provide exceptional patient care.


How old are you? I’m old enough to know that if I grew a beard, more patients would not ask me when their provider would be in to see them.

Finish this sentence: The best nurse practitioner … knows that success is found within the team and not one’s self.

What role does your supervising physician play? He is a resource for patient care if needed to assist in providing direction.

What’s the first song on your iPod or CD today? Most of the music in our house is for our son to listen to: Streaming the Walt Disney music channel on Pandora.

Name an on-the-job lesson you learned about quality patient care: The first few minutes of each visit are the most important.

Please tell us three things about yourself that most people don’t know. I …

was raised in Spring Valley. Have shaken hands with two U.S. presidents. Traveled to 10 countries — dreams can come true.

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