"A Blessing for the 11th of September"

Grant us wisdom

as we step through this day.

Two decades have passed.

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Grief remains and lives tangled

with a great many other emotions.

Show us how to carry

the weight of this date.


Show us how to release

the weight of this date, too.

Empower us to recognize

that there is not

a singular, right way to feel

on the anniversary of this day.

As we remember

As we see images on screens

As we hear stories of others

As we speak reflections of our own

Keep us open

Keep us loving

Keep us grounded.

In the breaking of hearts,

may there be an expansion of compassion.

In the dissolving of illusions,

may there be a recognition of reality.

Divine Love,

reveal to us how to be present to this day

in ways that contribute to the healing

of all people and all creation.


Emily Carson is a Lutheran pastor. Visit her website, emilyannecarson.com.