Fridge Magnet: Do you wish your pet could talk?

Do you wish your pet could talk?

I'm not sure I do. Curly barks enough as it is, and I'm quite sure he'd complain about the rations, the amount of time he spends in his kennel, etc.

But there's now a Web-based greeting card company called Pet-a-Greeting that puts "the power of animated speech into pet owners’ hands." The site allows you to create "personalized greetings that feature their talking pet and then distribute them via email, Facebook and Twitter."

"We’re taking the e-greeting card experience to a whole other level," said Gregory Baker, co-founder of Pet-a-Greeting. "We developed Pet-a-Greeting because we love our animal friends and we want people to be able to share a unique experience with their friends and families, while giving a voice to those that typically don’t have one."

On the website, you can "choose from a variety of distinct voices or use Type and Talk to create your own personalized voice message."


None of this comes cheap, of course, but for some pet lovers, it may be the thing to do. What do you think?

• Teresa Zais:"My fat cat would say 'Hey, you...yeah person...fetch me the tuna already!!'"

• Axel Gumbel:"SQUIRREL!!!!!"

• Kelly Tschilar Paz Soldan:"My cat would say 'I don't like it when you sing.'"

• Janet Wenner:"my dogs. 'take me for a walk ... to the dog park. please...'"

• Pai Neeta:"Love you Mommy, now feed me!"

• Kim Radke:"I sometimes wish the many dogs that have lived with me that I have rescued could tell me about the life they came from! Some of it I may not want to know but it may help me understand why they do what they do sometimes!!!"

• Brooke Olson:"My dog Spike...he would tell me that he's the meanest doggie in the world! (he's 8 lbs and thinks he's 80...but he's afraid of cats)"



What are you thankful for?

Now that Halloween is behind us, many people are getting ready for the holidays. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what are you thankful for?

• Cheryl Asvang:"We are thankful for our family and friends."

• Dave Berg:"I'm thankful for my family!"

• Andrew Schnell:"We are thankful for my friends and family."

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