Holy Everything: Thank you for traveling with me

Emily Carson

I’d like to invite you to the Book Launch Party of my first book, "Holy Everything," 6 to 8 p.m. July 25, at Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester.

The book is comprised of columns from the past eight years of writing for the Post Bulletin. In preparing for this celebration, it has been meaningful to reflect on the profound gift that writing this column has been in my life. So much of that gratitude is in thanks for you, readers.

You journeyed with me for the first half of the column when it was called "The Lady Pastor," and you’ve continued walking by my side as we’ve shifted to the title "Holy Everything." The encouragements and insights you’ve expressed over these years have inspired me to grow, change, be brave and keep writing. It is a profound privilege to have a community with whom to explore reflections about life and faith. You are that special group of people for me.

The columns in this paper are possible because of a committed group of people doing thoughtful work behind the scenes. Thinking about the launch of this book has reminded me of just how important these folks have been in my writing adventure. Without them, I wouldn’t have a weekly column in the newspaper.

In the summer of 2011, I sat down for coffee with one of the Post Bulletin’s former editors, Mike Dougherty, to have a conversation about starting to write in a freelance capacity for the paper. Mike had featured my blog in his column "Digital Mike," and that led to a greater conversation about future opportunities with the P-B.


My first editor was Marissa Block. She provided valuable insights as I transitioned from blog writing to column writing. For the last seven years, my editor has been the ever-helpful and insightful Jeff Pieters. I am indescribably grateful to the team at the Post Bulletin for providing a weekly space for "Holy Everything."

Writing is the most meaningful way I’ve yet discovered to sift meaning out of life’s mysteries. Father Richard Rohr (one of my favorite modern day mystics) wrote in 2015, "God is with us in everything we experience in life and can be found in and through everything, even and often most especially our limits and our suffering (because in those states we long for meaning and purpose so desperately)."

I concur with my whole heart. "Holy Everything" is an attempt to look out upon the landscape of existence and take note of the sacredness imprinted everywhere. Thank you for traveling with me.

If you are unable to attend the launch party and would like to purchase a copy of the book online, I’ll provide the link to that information on my websites as soon as it's available. Visit or for more information later this month.

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