Hype: Get a (temporary) tat

Get a (temporary) tat

Tattly's temporary tattoos are for those who are past kiddie tattoos, but are not sold on the whole needles-dyeing-your-skin-forever thing. These tattoos are the product of designers coming together to one-up often unfashionable temporary children's tattoos. Designs include one that says "Mother" above a sailor's anchor. Another says "I Love NY More Than Milton Glaser," maker of the original "I Love NY" design. The screen of the watch tattoo says "Late" and wraps around the wrist. Knuckle tattoos spell out four letter phrases.

Most Tattly tattoos last at least five days and a set of two is $5, which includes shipping. A wet cloth is all that's needed to apply the tattoos, which makes getting them on as easy as applying the children's models. But remember, since these aren't real tattoos, many of them don't look real. The ones that show skin through the design look more realistic than some of the solid colored ones, which can come off looking more like stickers. For more information, go to

Say it with your T-shirt

The minds behind bring you BustedTees, T-shirts with funny phrases and drawings on them. Shirt categories range from "wordplay" to "politics" to "pop culture." Shirts from BustedTee give wearers an opportunity to express themselves in an amusing, and often ironic, way. They can demonstrate their passion for the Second Amendment with a shirt showing a man with furry bear arms. They can show their concern about global warming with a shirt showing a sweating Earth, saying "This is Why I'm Hot." They can display their support for the legalization of gay marriage with a shirt illustrating two blue "Life" game pieces riding in a plastic car with "legalize it" written underneath.


But the shirts don't have to have any deeper meanings. BustedTees offers shirts related to popular television shows and movies, such as a "One Man Wolf Pack" shirt for the movie "The Hangover" and a "Bon Temps Football" shirt for the television show "True Blood."

Most shirts are $20 each, but selections in the clearance section are $10. BustedTees even has a Shirt of the Month Club. For $50, members get a free shirt every month for three months, and free standard shipping. Go to for more.

— McClatchy Newspapers

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