Hype: It's hip to zip

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There's something magical about keys. They allow us into places we otherwise would never have access to and, if we lose an important one, we feel lost or trapped.

Now you can be the proud of owner of five porcelain keys of varying shapes and sizes. Each key ranges from 1.5 to 2.75 inches long and is expertly crafted to fit absolutely nothing in particular.

Wear them as necklaces. Give one to four of your closest friends and pretend they're Wonder Twins-style mystical objects. Pretend you have Sora's Keyblade from the "Kindgdom Hearts" video games. Just use your imagination.

The keys are available at the Curiosity Shoppe for $40.


It's hip to zip

First it was friendship bracelets, then it was Silly Bandz, now it's Hip Zip. These bracelets clip together in the back and actually un-zip so you can wear them however you like. The new hottest bracelet on the market comes in a wide variety of colors that you can wear all at once or just a few at a time.

There's one-tone, two-tone, metallic, even tie-dye! Each bracelet is $3.00 .

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