Keep right on track with leftovers

DEAR HELOISE:When putting leftovers in the refrigerator, I line my storage containers with plastic wrap, sandwich bags or other storage bags. I can then mark on the bag or plastic wrap the date the contents were prepared. If they are not used in a reasonable amount of time, I simply dispose of the contents, bag/plastic wrap and all .

I haven't had to throw away a storage container due to tomato/grease stains or unpleasant smells for a long time. Cleanup is a breeze, and my family can tell immediately if something is a little past its consumption date. Keeping a permanent marker in the drawer with the bags and plastic wrap is a big help. — Rita Bierley, Cheney, Wash.

DEAR HELOISE:As I was preparing sandwiches for our picnic at a concert in the park, I had an idea. My husband prefers sandwiches without mayonnaise, and I like them with mayonnaise. To identify those with, I snipped a tiny corner off the sandwich. When I took the sandwiches out, there was no question which was his and which was mine. — Liz Dilibert, Somis, Calif.

DEAR HELOISE:My best hint is to treat certain vegetables and herbs as you would cut flowers. Trim the ends of parsley, asparagus, etc., and put in water. Wilted herbs are revived. — Helen in Fort Worth, Texas

DEAR HELOISE:You printed how to remove strawberry stems by using a grapefruit spoon. I have another way that works really well — use a straw. Poke it into the strawberry from the bottom and push it up the center to the stem. It takes out the stem very easily, along with the center pulp. — Pat E., Lincoln, Calif.



Good hint, and here is another one, from Rebecca, via e-mail. She says: "Another way to enjoy strawberries -- I freeze them and use them as ice cubes year-round. They add a touch of flavor to beverages and do not dilute the beverage as they melt. Plus, you can eat them and get the healthful benefits."

— Heloise

DEAR HELOISE:Have loved your column for years, and want to share one of my favorite helpful hints with you. When making vegetable soup, I use a bag of cole slaw veggie mix. It's so easy, with all the cabbage and carrots already cut up. — Pat Loontjer, Omaha, Neb.

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