Lens on History: This was the place to press your case


Diane was the blushing bride. Jack was the nervous groom.

The wedding was over and now they had tickets on the Rochester "400" train to Chicago. But they didn't want to take that ratty old suitcase on their honeymoon. If they exchanged a couple of duplicate gifts at Thiss Luggage, they could get new luggage for their trip to Niagara Falls.

Thiss Luggage had the distinction of being one of the first stores to open in the new 100 First Avenue building in 1940. As Thiss was on the north side, its address was 20 First St. SW.

Since 1965, Mac's Restaurant has occupied the former luggage shop's space. The green grass of the Peace Plaza now replaces the symmetrically-lined, red brick street.

And what about Jack and Diane? They're still two American kids doing the best that they can.

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