Luke Buehler: Faith turns up like a hidden treasure found

From left, Sophomore Choir Director Clark Johnson, Isaac Heins, Jake Huntley, Luke Buehler, Jared Johnson, Kyle Klepel, and Andrew Faller, the freshman and concert choir director, in Abbey Church at St. John's University.

Where is God in my life?

I began to ponder this question not that long ago when my life was in a stressful state. One night I just needed a break, and I went to my room, sat on my bed, and began to pray. I prayed and thought about many things while sitting there, but the one thing that stuck out in my mind the most was a part of the song "Mayberry," by Rascal Flatts. "Sunday was the day of rest. Now it's one more day for progress…" were the lyrics I had stuck in my head. They bounced back and forth in my head until it occurred to me … where was God in my life? That thought made me think for a very long while.

I started thinking of many ways that He was part of my life. One way was and is in my mom. She is always there for me, usually with a smile, and fresh homemade bread, too.

God is also in my friends, who support me in things I try and fail at. But most importantly — and it took me the longest time to realize this — He is inside me the most even when I don't think about it.

I am Catholic, born and raised, and attend church every weekend. I believe in my faith and try to take the Gospel everywhere I go. I especially needed it when my faith was tested, which isn't too common of an occurrence for me, but it happens on occasion.


But how was I supposed to use my faith? I used it as a beacon when my life turned from bad to worse with family and school last year. It wasn't easy those last few months of my sophomore year with my Spanish class, my biology class, baseball, work, family, a girlfriend, and at the end of the totem pole, me.

I suppose others may say I needed balance, and they were right. What I really needed, though, was the light of faith. It finally came in May.

I was mowing my mom's friend's yard, and at the park across the street, a car pulled up and a couple got out. They ventured over to the jungle gym area and started to search for something. I had a hunch I knew what they were doing, but wasn't quite sure yet. I stopped the mower and walked over to them. I introduced myself and asked them if they were geocaching. They said yes and I immediately wanted to help. They allowed me to, and I found the geocache for them in a few seconds. They were grateful and so was I. We exchanged geocaching names and I am still friends with them today.

Why does that coincide with my faith? I started geocaching after that small occurrence, which I believe was no coincidence, and was given to me by God Himself. From then on, I found my peace with God in Geocaching. It was my reward for handling the stress I encountered and conquered the last months of my sophomore year.

I am still so very thankful for the sport, and the people I met on that day who inspired me. (For those who are unaware of what geocaching is, I will explain it in another article.)

I am also thankful for the other people who helped me through that difficult time period — my best friend, Adam; my sister, Mary; my girlfriend, April; and all the others who have had a positive role in my life.

Luke Buehler is a junior at Kasson-Mantorville High School. To respond to an opinion column, send an email to

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