Luke Buehler: Where’s the real meaning of Christmas?

It's the most wonderful, busiest time of the year! There are holiday parties, concerts, festivals, work, friends, family, and even more. But in all this hassle, where's the real meaning of Christmas?

This past year, I've learned many things. But one day back in the early spring, I learned something I'll never forget.

I was heading to a friend's house on a snow day to hang out. As I approached the long bended curve in the road, going 40 mph, I leaned on the brakes and the car started to swerve.

I didn't panic, at least not yet. But then I was sliding sideways on the icy road. I tried to get control, but I couldn't. In a split second, I slid back through my lane into the ditch, completely stopped.

Snow was everywhere on my car, but that was the least of my worries. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I knew I was in trouble. I put my wipers on, and they dusted off the windshield.


The last time I had ever experienced something like this, I was a young kid and I was with my dad, and we had slid into the ditch pretty mildly. Now I was alone, and this wasn't as mild an accident, but luckily I had my phone. I started to call my friend, but before I connected, I could see a truck slowing down.

I put down the phone and opened the door. A voice called out, "Looks like you could use some help!" I was a little unsure of how to respond, but I said, "Yeah, that would be fantastic!"

He pulled his truck over to the other lane and had me connect a chain from his truck to a piece of sturdy metal underneath my. It took a short while to pull out the car, but I was eventually home free. Thank God there was hardly anything damaged.

After this rescue, I thanked him personally, We exchanged names, his being Rusty, and I bluntly told him that he was an angel sent by God. I asked if I could give him anything, and he told me, "No, just do this: When you see someone else in need, help them out the best you can."

I then proceeded to my friend's house — MUCH slower this time. But I would never forget what had happened to me that day.

So when people ask me what the real meaning of Christmas is, I don't tell them presents or decorating or Santa, I tell them this: "Christmas is fulfilling God's golden rule; love thy neighbor as you love yourself."

That was Christ's purpose of coming to Earth, and I know that I am here to teach this rule to the world one step at a time.

Luke Buehler is a junior at Kasson-Mantorville High School. To respond to an opinion column, send an email to

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