MOMs prepare for 50th anniversary

Anne Lindner and her husband Bob had always planned on having three children, just not all at once.

"When I found out I was so shocked," Lindner said.

With no other multiples in her family, Lindner joined Southern Minnesota Mothers of Multiples when she was about four months pregnant in order to figure out how to prepare for having two girls and a boy.

Southern Minnesota Mothers of Multiples was founded in 1961 to make the experience of raising twins, triplets and more, a positive one.

The group holds regular monthly meetings, social events, two clothing and equipment sales every year, plus networking and support. Now, the group is holding a 50th anniversary reunion on Nov. 5 to bring together current and former members.


While group members are still working to contact former members, Lindner said one of the original women who started to group is among those coming back.

Before she had Ryann, Sarrah and Morganne, who just turned 8 on Sunday, Lindner said she didn't know if she'd need three of everything, including three swings, three exersaucers and three high chairs.

"A lot of people in the MOMs group had been through the baby stages and can tell you how to do things at the state you are at. Now there are MOMs who've been through the 8-year-old stage and they can give you so much advice," Lindner said.

She found that it worked for her to have one swing, one exersaucer and three high chairs, advice that she can pass onto other mothers who find themselves in the same situation she did.

"I don't know where I would be today without this group," she said. "When you get to that moment when the kids aren't sleeping, you can call someone to come over and hold babies or just for camaraderie and advice."

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