Natasha Sohni: Music moves and soothes you

I am definitely no different from everyone else when it comes to having many stressful days, weeks, or even months at a time. Not many things help in relieving this stress, but the one thing that definitely makes all the difference is music.

We all have often heard that music can brighten our days. Certain genres can help one concentrate better or, simply, smile more often. I know people of all different ages who depend on music to simply get them through certain experiences.

Of course, we've all seen and heard the stories told of children and adults alike where people were able to turn their lives around because of one song, album, artist, or band. Regardless of my sentimental personality, when I see these stories, my faith in the power of music only increases.

I, personally, have had nothing less than wonderful experiences with music. I am so thankful that I am able to attend band class every day and can use a different part of my mind for an hour. I still use my brain actively, but I can lose myself in the tuneful notes of my clarinet.

I look forward to this time of day just so my world can be filled with music instead of teachers warning me about tests and kids frantically scrambling to finish their assignments.


This thrill only heightens when I play the piano or sing my favorite songs. When I finally master a difficult part of a piece, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and this is certainly a feeling we all crave in every aspect of our lives. Nothing else may be occurring in my favor, but I can always count on music to improve my attitude during those times.

What I find truly amazing, though, is how music can remain in our lives if we choose to let it do so. We all must retire from our jobs, whether it involves playing football or performing surgeries, but we can always come home to the mellifluous sounds of music.

Seventy years from now, I (most likely) will not be able to swim, run, or possibly even walk anymore, but I'll still have my voice and my hands, and I can use these to create music. If I cannot play or sing a song, I can always listen to the song and instantly feel better. I can close my eyes and let the sounds and the lyrics flow into my heart.

Music can be a lifelong passion and I love how it can give people so much security throughout their lives. Music moves people, and it'll always be something I treasure dearly.

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