Good news may be in short supply at the moment, but for one Kenyon family it took the shape of a red-eared slider turtle.

On Monday, Emily Strusz put her eight red-eared slider turtles in a new outdoor pen to allow them to get some natural sunshine. But when she came back to bring them in, the smallest of the bale of turtles was missing. He likely slipped out under the enclosure via a divot in the ground.

"I'm upset about it just because, for me, they are family members and you feel responsible for their safety and their well being. It's just upsetting to know that he is out there by himself," Strusz said Wednesday evening.

Strusz searched her yard and her neighbor's yard; her kids searched about a four block radius with no luck. On Tuesday, neighbors and a few coworkers joined in by keeping an eye open for the turtle. Strusz also posted in multiple Facebook groups about the wayward slow mover.

By Thursday, Strusz was starting to lose hope that the 5-year-old semi-aquatic male turtle with a shell length of about 7 inches would be found and reunited with his brothers. And then, a text message from her father-in-law came in.

“I got a text from my father-in-law who stopped by the house, and the neighbor that found him came up to him and told him,” she said.

Strusz said the turtle was found in the neighbor’s yard, about 20 yards away from where he was last seen.

"My neighbor behind us, their cat was outside and got really interested about something under their window. They went over and he was just laying in there with the rocks,” she said. “I'm thinking that he came out of hiding wherever and was heading, probably toward water.”

The turtle was returned to his dole and by Thursday evening was back in his aquarium relaxing with his turtle brothers.

“I am definitely glad,” Strusz said.

Despite his stint as an escape artist, Strusz said the turtle will still get to go in the outdoor pen with the other turtles, but she’ll be keeping a closer eye on it.

And a reward for the finder?

“The hero kitty is getting some treats,” she said.