Poem: Alright listen up

Alright listen up

Alright listen up

The bombings

The shootings

And all this torture


We go through it

We cry

we shed the tears for those we don't know

While little boys who know they're gay

Don't want to go to the library alone

Little girls of only 16 live in terror of any man they see in the street

They hold their girlfriend's hand tighter

The 80-year-old gay couple down my street pray outside for all to see


They've made it this far

Why must they be stopped

By bigots with guns

Those in Orlando

Those whose sons didn't come home

The mothers that sat up waiting for their little boy to call

The fathers who knew he wouldn't and led their spouse to bed

The shattered hearts


The two-faced politicians "sending prayers and love to the "lbqgt"" community for personal gain

Polar opposites in a world where only lies propel you

Honest truth is cast off

Laughed at

And yet

We must raise our voices

Turn up the megaphones

We cannot remain silent


We cannot become passive

Consumed by fear

Be consumed by passion

And love

And real understanding

We have to break down the

walls of homophobia



And hatred

And allow peace to take their place


Thank you

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