Poem: Have You Seen the Super Moon?

Did you see the moon?

After reading and listening

About the moon shining last week

I was not going to miss it.

Details were: moon rising at 10:39.


I took the elevator to the top,

The doors opened, I turned off the lights and opened the blinds,

And there she was!

Not metalically gold against the dark blue sky

Nor deeply red as it was

Between the four towers in Madrid, Spain.

But, yes, larger

Than the last time I saw her.


Silvery, but oh! so much brighter.

I wanted to have a more intimate visit

So down to the ground

And out on the walk I went,

But there the trees and the clouds

Were silhouetted by the moon.

Back into the building

And to the rooftop


To watch the moon

On her journey through the sky.

Val Battenburg, a retired school teacher in Rochester, has been writing poetry since 2004. The P-B publishes poetry by local and area writers every Monday. Send poems to Jay Furst at P.O. Box 6118, Rochester, MN 55903 or

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