Possible future concussions test

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Mayo Clinic in Arizona reports neurologists have taken "a promising step toward identifying a test that helps support the diagnosis of concussion."

Their presentation at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting in San Diego offers early results not yet peer-reviewed in medical journals.

However, the work suggests a need for further testing of autonomic reflex testing "which measures involuntary changes in heart rate and blood pressure" because it appears to consistently "demonstrate significant changes in those with concussion."

Currently, diagnosis relies on self-reported symptoms.

Also, there is no reliable test to show when an athlete's brain has fully recovered from concussion, Mayo reports, and there is a lag between when a patient reports symptoms are resolved and when "the brain has actually healed."


Thus, a "rapid, reliable, cost-effective" test is needed.Concussion dizziness might sometimes be from "autonomic system impairment rather than a vestibular or inner ear disturbance."

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