Pulpit: Find refuge at God's 'rest stop'

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I was driving to the Sophia Hermitage in St. Joseph, Wis., for three days of silence, meditation, and writing. I have been there many times. It's a special place in my life, a refuge to be alone with God.

On my journey on Interstate 90, I saw signs for several rest stops. I had forgotten how important the signs and these "stops" are when we travel. Often we check the mileage to the next place of rest.

Sometimes it can be a relief to arrive at the facilities that are provided for us. When we see a "closed" sign, our mind begins to search for alternatives. We hope we can find a place in the next town or a stopping place that can meet our needs.

I thought about these rest stops and the places of rest we seek on our faith journey. The time I am spending at the Hermitage is, in a way, a rest stop for me. It is a time for reflection on what and where my life is at this point.

I see a similarity with the rest stops that we look for in our travels. We know, however, that the rest stop we seek from God will never be closed. As we stop to rest, this may be the time we are the closest to God. At these places on our faith journey, God refreshes us by breathing new life into our tired bodies.


A rest stop with God is a necessary stop, a pause. We may even look for these times and places in anticipation of meeting God there. The amazing thing is that we don't have to wait a certain amount of time or go a certain distance to access the rest stop with God. It is there for our asking.

As we seek a deepening relationship, God waits for us to give us rest and direction for our continuing journey.

Are you at a rest stop in your life?

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