Quick Bites: Get your pie while it's fresh

What is it about summertime and pie? There is something so perfect about sliding your fork into a cool, creamy confection or when it’s so hot that your a la mode melts into the crust even before you take your first bite. My current favorite? Oreo cream pie.

But I’ve never tried the Homemade Cafe's Black Cap Supreme Pie. Who knows? It could be my new favorite.

You haven't tried it either? Well, you’d better hurry. This specialty pie is available only for the next week or two.

The Homemade Cafe, a sweet, little Mainstreet USA diner in Pepin, Wis., serves breakfast, lunch and pie — and it’s their pie that has put them on the map. Right now, because wild black raspberries are ripe across the region, their specialty Black Cap Supreme pie is available. The berry-pie season runs for only about three weeks, and they started a week ago.

They say the pie is made by "folding these small seedy berries in a tart glaze and layering them on a light cream cheese base." Don’t mind if I do.


If that flavor doesn’t pique your interest, perhaps you might want to try owner Julie Elwell’s famous black bottom butterscotch pie. Or before dessert, give their menu a try. With a focus on homemade, the house-made chips, salsa and guacamole are worth checking out, as well as unique sandwiches and burgers.

The Homemade Cafe is at 809 Third St. in Pepin, and it's open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays. The cafe is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This the cafe's fifth season, which runs from May until October.

From farming to yoga at Sontes

Sontes is packing a couple of big events into the weekend of July 20.

On July 20, Sontes is hosting a pre-premiere reception for "American Meat," a documentary meant to facilitate a conversation about farming in America.

For the reception, chef Bryce Lamb will prepare unique dishes using ingredients from local suppliers. After the screening, a panel discussion will feature farmers, the Good Food Co-op board president, farmers market representative David Kotsonas and Lamb or Sontes’ owner Tessa Leung.

On July 22, Sontes will have its second Wine + Yoga event. The restaurant has magically made it even more awesome by adding my third favorite thing ever (after yoga and wine) — brunch.

See the Sontes website for more information or contact the restaurant to reserve a spot at either event.

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