Rochester Pet & Country Store isn't just for pets

Rochester Pet & Country Store.

Nearly two decades ago, Netta Putzier hung out a shingle and opened a feed store on Marion Road. Today, she has two locations in Rochester that cater to the growing needs of animals and their owners.

"Our customers always enjoy the quality pet foods and the wide variety of pet products, clothing and gifts we carry," says Putzier. "But we also offer educational classes, low cost shot clinics for dogs, fun activities and pet adoptions. Keeping self-educated and sharing that information with customers is very important."

Putzier stays in the know by conversing with the local vets, attending trade shows and talking with others who share her passion for animals.

"Pets are living longer these days and need more medical attention so we keep researching and keep informed. Things are constantly changing in this business and new items are always on the market. We learn it and share it."

What is important to Putzier is listening to patrons. Finding out if the animal has allergies, weight or hair condition issues or other health related problems is key to maintaining the health of the pet.


"We feel we stock the better quality pet food and we work with our customers to find the best fit for the animal," she says. "Sometimes issues arise and it’s what you feed them. Our pet treats are USA-made and we know where the ingredients are sourced."

Along with a large line of healthy pet food, treats and toys, Rochester Feed and Country Store carries livestock feed, bird feeders and bird seed, clothing and shoes. "If it’s not here we can get it ordered," Putzier claims.

According to Putzier, there has been an increasing interest in chickens in recent years; to keep up with the changing times, she developed classes to help those who want to learn more about having a backyard coop.

"Chicken sales are growing every year. Backyard chickens are very popular, fun and even beneficial as they eat a lot of bugs and pests," she continues. "Each year we give two chicken 101 classes in the spring and fall. You can train a chicken to do many different things and it gives the kids something fun to do."

Along with classes, Putzier offers events to promote animal health and education.

"Veterinarian Dr. Appell comes to the store several Saturdays a month for a low-cost clinic for dog shots. These are very well attended and do not require appointments so just walk-in. The schedule is on the web-site," Putzier adds. She also offers nail clipping, grooming and pet food samples at both locations and plans fun-filled activities like decorating dog biscuits and a customer appreciation day.

"Our big event is in September called Slobberfest. This is where we invite many different dog and cat food vendors and local talent to join us for a Saturday. It’s a great time for dogs and families."

Putzier also works with different animal rescues in the area to help get pets adopted to their forever families. "Camp Companion will usually have two cats up for adoption here," she said. "During the Thanksgiving holiday we helped adopt out 42 Companion cats. We also pick up dogs that need to find a forever home from the local area and get them to the adoption agencies that work with that breed."


In November of 2013, Putzier opened her second store on Wellner Drive in northeast Rochester. "We were happy to open our north location. There seemed to be a demand and the neighborhood has really welcomed us in. It’s really very cool the support we’ve gotten in Rochester."

Putzier, a pet-owner and avid bird watcher herself, loves her work and loves meeting people and their pets.

"I am a people person and the folks who own pets are caring, happy, considerate and just nice people," she comments. "Pets are part of a family and to get to know about all these animals is so wonderful. It’s just fun and once you have the animal bug—you have it for life."

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