Sonya Meyer: Adulthood comes with wisdom

As an individual, I have always been scared of change. How many times have Istood somewhere and thought, "This is so perfect, I hope it stays like this forever?"

Probably hundreds, and yet, no matter how hard you try to preserve a moment in time, italways changes. Change is one of the few constants in life.

One of the biggest changes everyone experiences is that from child to adult, butwhen, exactly, does that happen? At 16, when we can drive? Or 18, when wecan vote? How about 21? 30? I don't believe age has anything to do with it;rather, I think adulthood comes with wisdom, with transitioning from mentee to mentor.

Although this change seems noble, and everyone says it's something to belooking forward to, I often find myself dreading it. How will I buy a house or beresponsible for paying bills? Who will take care of me when I am sick or hurt? Thesequestions are not new, nor are they unique to me or anyone else. They are a part of life,and, unsettling as they may be, we are lucky to be able to ask them.

I don't know how to answer these questions yet, but I'm searching and I knowmany others my age who are having the same struggles. Right now we are students,but someday we will be teachers. Knowledge will be gained and imparted upon othersas it has been upon us.


I like to think that everyone wants to make the world a little bitbetter, and that the education we receive and life experiences we have enable us to dothat. Scared as I am of being on my own, I know that I won't ever truly be alone. I willcontinue learning until I am able to teach someone else who is wondering what to dowith their life.

Growing up is a complex task. You leave friends and family behind in order tomake a life for yourself. It's hard going to school knowing that many of the people I haveseen every day for years I might not see again next year. But I know that it has tohappen.

As sure as the sun will rise we, too, will grow up. Difficult as that may be, it isn'tsad. As Doctor Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

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