Sow seeds directly into garden for better results

Last spring we planted flowering cabbage plants in our mum bed hoping to have both plants flowering in the fall. But the flowering cabbage didn’t do very well. It has nice leaves in early summer, but the worms ate lots of big holes in the leaves and they just didn’t do well or look nice. What can we do to grow this better?

Try sowing seeds directly in the garden about June 1-15. This usually produces better results than setting out plants.

One end of our vegetable garden tends to be wet while the other end tends to be dry. Which vegetables like it wet, which like it dry?

Root crops, leafy vegetables, cucumber, sweet corn and celery require lots of moisture for good production. Tomatoes, peppers, beans and sunflowers produce very good yields with less moisture.

If different varieties of daylilies are planted close together, will each plant continue to stay true to its original form? If not, how far apart should the plants be?


The original plants will stay the same but due to cross-pollination, the exchange of genetic material between two different varieties — their offspring won’t. You can avoid this problem by deadheading faded flowers. This prevents the seeds from developing. Also remove the few, if any, unwanted offspring that appear at the base of the plants.

Why are my homegrown carrots deformed and bitter?

Heavy clay and rocky soils interfere with root development. Add organic matter to improve drainage or create a raised bed filled with well-drained soil to grow carrots that are healthy and straight. Once the carrots have sprouted, thin the seedlings so the roots have enough space to reach full size. Keep the soil moist but not wet.

Can too much Miracle-Gro on vegetable plants make you sick?

Too much of anything can be detrimental. Overfertilizing can cause excess leaf and stem growth and little or no flowers on most plants. Even more fertilizer can burn your plants.

When it comes to chemicals, never apply more than the recommended amount. I recommend concentrating on proper soil preparation in order to give your plants a good foundation adding several inches of organic matter.

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