Stephanie Kocer: Stepping stone brings one closer to the next leap in life

As I sit down to write this, I can’t help but be distracted. Writer's block is common, but I think I have it today because I have a lot on my mind. It’s April and that means that the snow is melting and it’s getting warmer. But more importantly, there are two months left until graduation.

That means just two months to pass my classes. Two months to get my graduation party organized, mail all the right forms to my college, get measured for my cap and gown, find a prom date, go to the senior luncheon, go to senior award ceremonies, fill our last-minute scholarships, get wisdom teeth pulled, and hopefully sleep sometime in between.

The last few months of school are always busy. This is an understatement for a senior, though. There are just two months left to enjoy the last moments of high school.

Graduation still feels like a long way off, but I know it will be here before I know it. Things that you are excited for and dreading seem to sneak up on you.

Even though I have a huge to-do list, I’m not too worried. When I read the above list of things to do, I start to freak out. Then I remember that all of these little things can’t measure the magnitude of what happens in June.


I remember when I was a freshmen and I thought the kids that were seniors were so old and ready to graduate. Sometimes I feel scared about what comes next. Then I think of everything that the future holds. Everything I get to do that I will never be able to do in high school. I think of all the new opportunities and fun I will have in college and in the rest of my life.

In reality, graduating from high school is just a small stepping stone we have to pass to get to our future. My advice to seniors like myself would be to keep your head in the game! Do not try to act cool because you’re a senior and you don’t care. We have seen that a million times, and believe me, it’s not cool.

And I know you care. Don’t stress so much over the little things and enjoy the last few months you have in high school because next year is a whole new world. When graduation comes around, I guarantee you’ll be ready.

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