STYLE show successful for downtown retailers

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STYLE, Rochester's definitive fall fashion event, celebrated its 10th anniversary late last month with iconic success, according to planners and participants.

"It was truly a special evening," reported STYLE Fashion Coordinator Lauren Scott. "I could see smiles on faces everywhere. Moving inside this year not only presented new challenges, but also great new ideas."

The show moved from an outdoor location on Peace Plaza to the Kathler Hotel's Heritage Hall, where weather would not interfere.

A Rochester Downtown Alliance event, STYLE had a full audience of 300, according to RDA Executive Director Jenna Bowman. All but 15 tickets were purchased.

"As a community, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a passionate and knowledgeable retail community in our downtown core," Bowman said. "The last decade of STYLE has shown what is possible when many people come together to make something happen."


RDA survey results for STYLE were favorable, Bowman said. For example, 82 percent of attendees stated they felt more connected to the Rochester community after attending. Thirty-five percent said the primary reason for attending was for a night out in downtown Rochester. Seventy percent said the show inspired them to shop more in downtown Rochester.

Retailers furnishing fashions were 99 Giggles, Baby Baby, Blu H20 Salon, Ginny's Fine Fabrics, Hanny's, Hers, Knight's Chamber, Lasker Jewelers, M Gear, O&B Shoes, Poppi Italian Leather and The Nordic Shop.

This was the first time all featured emerging designers were from Rochester. Among them: David Cotterman, Denise Flynn, Teaki Garcia, Sophie Heublein and Sherry Sanden Will.

"Having them all from Rochester added to that community feeling we were hoping to bring into this year's STYLE show," Scott explained.

Emerging designers were equally positive.

Heublein said, "As a recent graduate from UW-Stout, in the Apparel Design and Development Program, it was exciting to be a part of STYLE. To get to meet new people who are just as passionate about creating beautiful garments is exciting as well."

Sherry Standen Will echoed Hueblein's sentiment. "I was proud to show my clothing designs and creations here in my hometown of Rochester," she said.

Teaki Garcia said, "As a Rochester native, I am thrilled to be part of our STYLE show. Rochester is a sophisticated city, and I'm proud of our downtown retailers, restaurants and culture."


And Denise Flynn said, "STYLE is a wonderful forum. It's fun and exciting to see what the other designers are creating and also what trends the shops are promoting. If you love style and fashion, it's a great Rochester experience."

According to Hers owner Bruce Dahlstrom, the show was "an exciting way to show all the cutting edge fashion that is available right here. As soon as we stepped in to the new venue, it was amazing. Customers told us afterward how much they liked it and how elegant it felt."

"We were very pleased with the turnout for the after-show shopping," Dahlstrom said. "We had ladies in both of our stores and until after 9:30 p.m. We sold novelty tunic tops, jackets and coats. Also embroidered jeans and printed pants. Many of the things we sold were featured in the show."

Looking ahead, Scott said, "We are looking forward to many more anniversaries to come. Cheers to a decade of fashion."

09-28 STYLE Fashion Show 8359.jpg
Lauren Scott, fashion coordinator for the STYLE Fashion Show, speaks to the audience at the start Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, in Kahler Heritage Hall in downtown Rochester.

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