The Chat: Readers share their gratitude

JEN: A couple of weeks ago, the three of us did a Chat on practicing gratitude — inspired by those "30 Days of Gratitude" lists that are all the rage on Facebook right now. And, of course, we were also inspired by our own gratitude guru, Dawn.

DAWN: I must admit, writing down five things I am grateful for every day has totally changed my life. I went from depressed, downtrodden and 'just getting by' to having all my dreams come true! I live in paradise, have everything I've ever dreamed of [and more], and I really must say that I credit it all to being grateful for the things I have, and not longing for the things I don't [which isn't much anymore!]. Gratefulness is the key to happiness; I am living proof!

JEN: Well, I know you inspired me … and, it appears, many of our readers.

PAM: I was thrilled to see all the great responses posted on our Facebook page. Let's see what our wonderful fellow Rochesterites are thankful for, below …

BRENDA FYLES: I am thankful that I discovered I am a runner. It was quite a surprise to me after being a P.E. flunkie! I began running 7-1/2 years ago, and it has brought me so much joy and so many fabulous friends, as well as better health.


ROBIN KAUTZ: I am grateful for this season of my life, when I get to live authentically, serving God and people in almost everything I do.

KELLY HANSEN: My job! Being with kids [as a teacher] everyday — letting them know they matter and anything is possible!

DAWN WILLIAMS: Being blessed. Being able to see that I am blessed. Being able to see that we are all in this together. Being able to finally "SEE."

SUSAN LARSON: [I'm] thankful for great health care, even if we will be paying for it until we die — many years down the road, we hope! Between daughter and husband, we are blessed to have access to Mayo Clinic.

ANN ALLEN: Last week when it got cold, I was grateful for fleece-lined leggings and seat warmers in my car!

CAT THISIUS:Being able to teach little ones and give the gift of knowledge.

DAWN GUSTAFSON: I am grateful for family, friends, and the good Lord up above.

BETSY LAMBERT: My choice. That's what I'm grateful for. This year has presented as many great changes … as bad in my life, but all were my choice. [This] is making me a stronger person and helps me understand what I will do, what I value, and how I lead my life.


LISA KLOTZBACH: I am grateful for my parents. They gave me the freedom and support to become myself. They never placed their expectations or ideas on me, but let me discover my own.

MADDIE FREETLY: I'm thankful my mom cooks for me every day, because if it were up to my dad, we'd only eat sandwiches and cereal.

JOY LARSON: I had a list of about 100 items, but what it all boils down to is just being exceptionally grateful for the miracle that is each new day.

CHRIS MELBYE: My friend, Jay.

JAY KOSKI: My friend, Chris.

NENNA ARNOLD: I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to see so much of the world.

ALISON SMITH: I'm grateful for the little things in life: The pride in my heart when [my daughter] Sheridan gets out of the car and bolts to the front door of school, the excitement in [my son] Sawyer's eyes when he gets his own pants on, my husband's smile and ability to love me unconditionally. [I'm grateful for] the 65th Street ramps (my life is a little more complete with them), Chapstick, my parents and their willingness to be our granny nannies and dedicate themselves to our family chaos three to four times a week, green grass, snowplow truck drivers, my sister and her love for my kids, the two ladies that work in the Gibbs' main office, our health, our trainer Cody, and my list could go on! So thankful for everyone and everything that brings me peace in my day-to-day life.

TRACY MCCRAY: A girl who is kind, a boy who still likes to snuggle, and a husband who hasn't tired of my popsicle toes.


CORY HELLAND: My wife, my kids, and deer hunting. In that order.

JENNIFER JACOBS: For the little things we provide our kids that we take for granted every day. [We just received our Adopt-A-Family lists for the holidays and it just makes me want to cry when I see warm socks on every family member's list.]

JENNIFER JACOBS: …and chocolate martinis.

Jen Koski is a Post-Bulletin columnist and associate editor at Rochester Magazine. She and her husband, Jay, live in Rochester with their 10- and 13-year-old sons.

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